A Cross-Cultural Interview with Khaled and Gurminder

For this cross-cultural interview paper, I will interview Khaled and Gurminder to understand their tradition. Khaled was a Lebanese Muslim and Gurminder was Indian Hindu. For your body paragraph, I'll discuss their experiences in America where they may adjust to a new culture.

My first interviewer was Khaled and he spoke Arabic along with his parents and siblings in the home. He explained that he was a devoted Muslim who prayed five situations a day to Allah and He revealed me there was an area down in the earliest floor at BMCC key campus for Muslim prayer. I was consequently surprise that there is an area for school prayer. Furthermore, he was not permitted to consume pork, dead animals, pet blood, gelatin, and wildlife. Moreover, he cannot smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. Despite the fact that Khaled and his family group moved to USA, they used the same strict regular as the Muslim relatives in Arabic countries. I believe Muslim family was very classic that they don't accept many American cultures like we get meats whether or not the pets were in pain through the slaughter or we take care of pig as a kind of meat and protein whereas Muslim look at them as a filthy animals.