A Assessment of Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee in the American Civil War

comparison of grant and lee

Introduction of a Assessment of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee

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Grant and Lee: the titans of the American Civil Battle. It's complicated to compare their merits, because

prejudice enters in to the equation, rendering judgments that will be tainted with passion. The cult of individuality

that has enveloped Lee often obfuscate his additional mortal qualities. Such veneration Grant experienced in

his own lifetime (in abundance) but his 20th century reputation isn't of the grade of Lee's. His checkered

Presidency and perceived "slovenly demeanor" include contributed to too little appreciation of his soldierly

qualities or greatness as a guy.

A curious phenomenon is normally that the Confederates of the Civil Battle generation were almost

unanimous in their compliment and admiration of Grant. It's unfortunate that current sympathizers

of the old South have certainly not followed their forefathers case in point. The writings of Jefferson Davis, Lee,

Longstreet, Alexander Stephens, John B. Gordon and a large number of other Southern leaders reveal unqualified

praise for General Grant.

Robert E. Lee, especially, spoke in glowing conditions about his adversary. He was particularly