A Historical Summary of Libya, an African Country

Libya: A Deep and Rich History

In the start of the 20th century Libya was a region that had not been to populate nor did it have much electricity. The name Libya was presented with by the Italians, who had a major affect in Libya from 1911 before end of World Battle II. At the convert of the century the Ottoman Empire was in charge of Libya, which at that time was spilt up into three parts. One component was around Tripoli referred to as Tripolitania in the west. The next was around Banghazi known as Cyrenaica in the east. The 3rd was in the southwest part of the region called Fezzan. Over another 90 years Libya would view it shares of rulers and bloodshed. Some critical indicators that have helped Libya end up being the country it really is today had been the creation of the Sanusiyah brotherhood and their level of resistance against the Italians, Italian colonialism from 1911 to WWII, Libya getting it s independence, and the discovery of essential oil in the late 1950 s. So much has occurred to Libya within the last 90 years, which includes developed a unique history which involves a region over coming annexation and before Libya becoming an unbiased country.

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The Ottoman Empire had been in charge of Libya because the 16th century. The Karamanli dynasty ruled the region around Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia from 1711 to 1835. Over the 124 years these were in power there have been many rulers, but it had not been until the Ottoman made a decision to review how that area had been run and made a decision to change to regulate to include officials from Istanbul and limited that