An Examination of the Symbols that the Hose and Tape Recorder Portray in "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller

Many symbols are incorporated into the take up "Death of a Revenue man" and

they subsequently relate to both persona and topic. The hose, tape recorder

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and th e seeds are a few of these symbols.

The hose in Miller's drama directly pertains to the topic of d eath.

The hose is normally a line mounted on the gas key in Willy's residence which allows

him to snif f the gas. This action is seen as Willy's suicide desire, and

escape from the realities of existence. As seen in the increased loss of his job and his

failure to succeed. The hose also symbolizes grief and deception. For when

Linda, Willy's wife, finds the hose, she actually is distraught over its found in tended

purpose. The deceptive dynamics of the hose can be obvious when Willy is

confronted about it by Biff his child and Willy denies its presence. A

similar denial is also obvious when Willy is met with the tape

recorder in Howard's office.

The tape recorder signifies the switch in Willy's life