An Introduction to the annals and Existence of George Washington

For the first few years of Constitutional authorities, under the

leadership of George Washington, there is a unity, commonly called

Federalism that even James Madison (the near future architect of the Republican

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Party) acknowledged in describing the Republican kind of government-- "

And in line with the amount of pleasure and satisfaction we feel in being

republicans, ought to end up being our zeal in cherishing the spirit and supporting

the character of Federalists." Although legislators got serious

differences of thoughts, political unity was viewed as absolutely

essential for the stability of the country.Political parties or factions

were considered evil as "Complaints are almost everywhere heard from our most

considerate and virtuous citizens, similarly the friends of community and

private faith, and of general public and personal liberty, our governments are

too unstable, that the public good is normally disregarded in the conflicts of rival

parties, and that measures are all too often decided, not really according to the

rules of justice and the privileges of the minor get together, but by the superior

force of an interested and overbearing bulk_" Public perception of