An Introduction to the life span and Record of John Quincy Adams

In 1800, President John Adams shed his bid for re-election. Thomas Jefferson was

voted set for the president. Adams, being truly a Federalist, disagreed with the beliefs of

Jefferson, a republican, and feared that he'd shift the energy in the government to the

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states. To prevent this, Adams created various new judicial articles and filled them with

Federalists. He did this in a significant rush, being he would be out of workplace soon. All

the appointments received to his Secretary of Status to get sealed and delivered.

Secretary of State Marshall completed all of the documents aside from the kinds for the

appointments for the District of Columbia. He assumed another Secretary of State would

complete them. When Jefferson heard bout this he was mad. He order the new

Secretary of State, James Madison, never to deliver the ultimate appointments to the selected

judges. One of many judges that didn't obtain his promised appointment was William

Marbury. Marbury decided to do something in courtroom. Marbury's argument was supported

by Section 13 of the Judiciary Act. This explained the courts could induce an official to