An Evaluation of David Frum's CNN Online Document Opposing the Legalization of Marijuana

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According to David Frum’s CNN online content, the legalization of marijuana shouldn't even get a consideration. There are many of reasons that Frum offers for opposing the legalization of marijuana. One of is own greatest concerns may be the fact that marijuana could cause damage in mind cell. He highlights that users of marijuana usually isolate themselves socially and occasionally have a tendency to perform dismally in academic and economical related activities.In line with the article, “Marijuana use is too dangerous a decision,” Frum argues that usage of marijuana can bring about lung problems. This article also argues that given the fact that there surely is no understanding of the dosage of marijuana that may affect human capability to do things such as driving; the proposal of legalization with regulation will barely be viable. Frum blames the sort of complex laws that purpose at punishing marijuana users rather than stopping them from applying marijuana for the attractiveness of the legalization of marijuana plan.

Frum is working beneath the assumption that Marijuana is normally harmful