Is Eddie responsible for his own fatality in the book « A view through the bridge » by Arthur Miller�

In order to understand to what level Eddie is in charge of his personal death, is actually necessary to consider which components led Eddie to be wiped out by Marco. Throughout the history told by simply Arthur Burns, we can see that the behaviour of Eddie is important in his loss of life. He could have had a common life nevertheless the tragedy originates from the mix of different incidents which are linked.

The most important component of this history is the relationship between Eddie and Catherine. We can see that Eddie is actually protective with CatherineВ: « because a lot of people ain't people. She's goin to operate; plumbers; they'll chew her to pieces if the girl don't view outВ В» ( 11, A view from the bridge) We can also realise that Eddie loves his wife's niece Catherine. This like is not allowed. « You want somethin' otherwise, Eddie, and you will never have herВ В» (70) Due to his love for Catherine, Eddie turns into jealous and doesn't just like Rodolpho. Eddie will trigger him by different instances. First he treats Rodolpho as if having been homosexual. « And with this wacky hairВ; he's just like a chorus woman or sump'mВ В»(24) Then, Eddie provokes him with the boxing lesson. He takes advantage of the problem to damage Rodolpho. « WhyВ? I didn't hurt him. Would I injure you kidВ? В В» (45) But this beginning of violence prospects Marco to shield his close friend and to encounter Eddie. Really at the end of Act one which a tension begins among Eddie and Beatrice's friends.

This leads Eddie to a major issue.

On the one hand this individual belongs to the Italian language community and he would like to respect the laws with the « familiyВ В», but on the other hand he sees that the American law can assist him to get rid of Rodolpho and Marco to keep Catherine one. Eddie considers that his niece deserves better than RodolphpoВ: « To demonstrate to her what he isВ! So she would find, once and for allВ!... So what on earth do I gotta do nowВ? « ( 54)

When Eddie chooses to denounce Marco and...