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Zahir Afghanyar October 8th, 2013 Reading Response on a Career-Related Article

The content I chose is referred to as " Wished: Young workers to do a fresh generation of jobs”. The reason why I chose here is info because it relates to me since I are young and interested in work as well as the article largely focuses on that. This article pertains to Career Studies because while using advancement of future technology, more careers will be developed especially for teenagers and adults. Career Studies focuses on careers for me and employment for younger persons. This means that we have a similar interconnection between the article and Profession Studies.

One particular quote in the article that discusses the innovations of ideas that affect each of our career is definitely " It shows the evolution of technology and just how quickly everything is moving and just how people and businesses ought to adapt. ” This affects my career choice because I want work that involves technology.

Another quotation that explains the concept of the the article is " Workopolis said almost 300, 000 jobs proceeded to go unfilled in q2 of 2013, indicating you will discover opportunities intended for young experts. ” This kind of quote explains the concept of the the article as it discusses the younger generation pursuing jobs which is quite simply what the article focuses on.

I have discovered many new items from this article. I learned that technology features expanded swiftly and will through the future years. Also, My spouse and i learned that teenagers can obtain careers with the power of technology. Young adults and teenagers have the skills to work with technology unlike elder people.

Reading Response on a Career-Related Article

Zahir Afghanyar

March 8th, 2013

Career Research

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