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Psychotherapy Timeline

Guardia A Harrison

Tenth Century-

Ca. nine hundred - The concept of mental well being was first created. It was also known as mental health and was introduced simply by Ahmed ibn Sahl al-Balkhi. He assumed that mental illness could have both mental and physiological causes. Likewise in the same time frame Al-Razi Rhazes acknowledged the concept of psychiatric therapy.

Eighteenth Century –

Between 1770 and 1774 Johann Joseph Gassner and Honest Mesmer introduced the practice of hypnotherapy. Mesmer assumed that all-natural forces were exerted by animals and the ones forces experienced healing forces. He had many followers wonderful theories had been greatly practiced till about 1925. Today they are all nevertheless forgotten aside from in some small countries. As for Gassner who had been a Catholic priest who believed in hypnotherapy and exorcism. Gassner did not have several followers as Mesner and so they actually asked Mesner to help these groups disprove what Gassner was saying.

20th Century –

1900 – Sigmund Freud published Interpretation of Dreams which noticeable the beginning of the Psychoanalytic thought. After composing the book Freud met up with some of his classmates and a few various other doctors that he had caused and a few advisors and formed the International Psychoanalytic Relationship or IPA. The IPA was formed to talk about ideas and conduct study and for Freud to further his ideas. Primarily there were a few members yet by 1908 there were 18 members which includes Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and Ruben Breuer mention just a few. However every was not within the camp and 1911 Alfred Adler left the group. At that time Adler opinions had changed drastically via Freud's. Adler resigned his post while president in the IPA and started his own corporation called Culture for Free Psychoanalysis. Came up with the inferiority sophisticated and individual psychology. Another member in the group with an issue with Freud was Carl Jung who also left the group in 1913. Carl Jung left the group because he not anymore believed in the message that Freud was teaching. Jung views acquired changed and he thought that Freud was struggling to acknowledge that religion and spirituality may affect someone's mental wellbeing. Jung called his kind of therapy Conditional Psychology.

1938 -Electroshock therapy was first used on the patient. Electroshock or ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) was launched by Lucio Bini and Ugo Cerlitti and was usually used to treat patients who were schizophrenic or major depressive disorders or perhaps people who got seizures. Electroshock is certainly not practiced very much today because it did even more harm than good and several people were left with long term effects from that. However there have been some good benefits. Some celebrities who would well with electroshock are Lou Reed, Tammy Wynette, Dick Cavett and Vivien Leigh. 1953- Code of Ethics for Psychologists developed by the American Psychological Association. (www.apa.org/ethics/code.html)

Twenty-First 100 years

2002- New Mexico becomes the first condition to pass legislation allowing accredited psychologists the justification to prescribe psychotropic medicine. This is done mainly because New Mexico is a mainly rural condition and it absolutely was found that there were more psychologist than psychiatrist whom lived beyond the city restrictions. The count was 18 to 176 and the chief excutive decided the patients would not get the enough care that they can needed.




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