1 . zero Introduction

installment payments on your 1 History of the analyze

The enrollment system we certainly have proposed and proposing is good for the school called " ENC International Learning Center, Inc. ” which has been the school that privately held and privately managed. The enrollment program on the said school is still manual; the manual registration system was too slow and too hard to manage. 2 . 2 Assertion of the Issue

The enrolment itself can be considered as a issue for the students. From analysis to approval, it is a lengthy procedure, and college students have to go back and forth in different office buildings to full the enrolment procedure. It is usually tiring and such a waste of effort. Another problem is that teachers were acquiring so much the perfect time to store present student's information and also to confirm the parts of every student. 2 . a few Objective in the study

2 . 4. one particular General Objective

Our basic objective is to help ease the challenge in managing records in enrolling new students. To assist minimizing enough time. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of enrollment of " ENC International Learning Center, Incorporation. ”

2 . 4. two Specific Goal

We are especially aimed to expose to the institution the functionality about using computer systems on aiding them to put together and deal with records. To propose the computerized system on handling student's information to avoid mishandling, redundancy and also to prevent documents on obtaining damaged by natural disasters.

2 . 5 Significance in the study

The importance of this research may help the college to nurture up and elevate features of the school.

The analysis will also help us students to be knowledgeable enough to apply the classes to genuine performances.

installment payments on your 5 Scope and Limit of the research

Our system posseses an ability to preserve records and edit all those data and important information about the students, educators and institution. The study protects the computerization of activities including student registration, parts, reports of total...