Brianna Gordon

July 21, 2011

Artwork History 1B

Prof. Leonard

Contextualization: Huey P. Newton and Sam Durant Time

As a great artist, Sam Durant was widely encouraged by the politics, social, and cultural issues of the world and this piece that he created was inspired simply by Huey G. Newton himself and Blank Panther Party that was located in Oakland, CA. The Black Panther Party begun by Newton and Bobby Seale and began in Oakland, FLORIDA around March 1966. Through the 1960's of California, there is a wide range of protests and civil rights movements throughout the place of the point out and the United States. Some of the remember-able protests will be Mario Giudizioso and UC Berkeley, Peoples' Park Protest, and Rendir Chavez. This kind of party was very deeply rooted with the practices of Malcolm By. Malcolm X was an inspiration to the party as they had represented both a militant innovative, with the pride and self-respect to operate and combat to get equality for a lot of oppressed minorities; while also being position model, some thing the Black Panthers could take to new heights. The Panther Party did this sort of services because the Panther's Free Lunch break for School Children Program, at the conclusion of the year the program got fed 10, 000 children everyday just before they visited school.

What inspired Durant to create this well known chair was when ever after Newton had been in the hospital after a great exchange of gun fire shots between Panthers and policeman, he was arrested and accused of killing a police officer. The subsequent year, he was found doing voluntary manslaughter. During this time of his trial and sentence, Durant started work on it as a great ode to Newton and it s now put in the Oakland Museum of California which is right down the street from exactly where Newton was found accountable.