Introduction of company background

Sakae Sushi's founder is usually Singaporean Douglas Foo, who has said that he would one day love to expand operations into North Korea, because of the potential for powerful monopoly power in the region. Sakae Sushi is a restaurant string based in Singapore serving Western cuisine, and is the flagship brand of Apex-Pal International Limited. Aimed at the reduced to mid-level pricing marketplace, it offers sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, yakimono, nabemono, tempura, agemono, ramen, udon, soba and donburi dished up either � la carte or by way of a sushi conveyor belt. Sakae Sushi – the flagship brand of Sakae Holdings Ltd. is the initially name that could come to mind when ever Japanese food is mentioned. The sequence has 40 outlets in Singapore, 12-15 of which will be in the suv areas. Its first wall socket was opened up in Raffles Place in Sept 1997, which is currently the major kaiten-zushi Japan restaurant sequence in the country. Additionally, it has several outlets in Malaysia, one out of Thailand, 6 in Cina, three inside the Philippines and four in Indonesia. It also provides a delivery service in Singapore. In 1996, Douglas Foo set up Apex-Pal which has a Japanese partner to enter the garment operate. Soon after, Foo began looking for a different home based business in which he'd have first-mover advantage and a competitive edge. Since his better half Yen Khoon had a taste for Japanese people food, Foo frequented Japan restaurants in Singapore and finally struck on the idea of offering Japanese food at affordable prices. After travelling to Asia and Hong Kong to observe and learn from kaiten sushi eating places, Foo set up the 1st Sakae Sushi outlet in 1997 in OUB Center at Raffles Place, inside the heart of Singapore's economical district. " Sakae” was chosen intended for the name of the wall plug as it means " growth” in Western and also appears similar to sake, a Western liquor. The 1, 300 square foot outlet with seating intended for 100 customers was an immediate success, and Sakae's simple price composition proved to be extremely popular. Sakae's reputation prompted the opening of any second, two, 900 square foot wall plug at the Heeren mall. Another restaurant exposed at Wheelock Place in January 1999. Foo had at first planned intended for six Sakae outlets intended for the Singapore market, nevertheless he quickly saw the potential for expansion to suburban areas. By 2002, there were a lot more than 10 Sakae outlets in Singapore, Asia and Indonesia, with total annual revenue of around S$23 million.

Foo also experienced ambitions to turn Sakae into a major meals franchise and " the McDonalds of sushi” throughout the world. In 2001, Sakae exposed its first overseas store in Asia, a partnership with a Thai food business and other neighborhood partners. By simply 2002, Sakae was in Indonesia as well. �

Introduction of system

SAKAE Sushi Malaysia, a Japan sushi cycle of Sakae Holdings Limited with more than 55 outlets around the world has launched Malaysia's initially iPad digital ordering program by leveraging technology to higher serve the customers. It can be aimed at bettering the customer dining experience and handling complex order quickly, efficiently and accurately. The digital purchasing platform is integrated straight with the kitchen display plus the Point-of-Sale (POS) system, causing a fully closed loop operation in the entire purchasing and billing cycle. The application of iPad Point-of-Sales (POS) system in food preparation and serving has been a personal mode of operation for Sakae Sushi. To avoid the condition of foodstuff quality changing when cooks depart, Sakae installs sushi rice going machines in each wall plug. Together with a central home where substances are prepared, this kind of ensures that Sakae's food features a consistent top quality across the chain. In Sakae outlets, every table comes with a water tap for tea refills and a computerised menu where diners can perspective and purchase items, which usually helps customers to track their particular spending. This electronic placing your order system has become patented by Sakae, as has its portable conveyor...

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