GOAL: To give knowledge to the college student what is are speed, feed, depth of cut and chip creation. APPRATUS: Lathe machine, HSS and carbide toolbit, centre drill little bit vernier caliper and PPE.


For any metal reducing process, Velocity and nourishes are important variables. The colloquial term ‘speeds and feed' refers to the velocity, feed and depth of cut of the metal cutting process. To explain these paraneters, we will be using turning procedure. The number shows the key geometry. The speed is cutting speed, a measure of the business cut surface area speed relative to the tool. 1 . SPEED/CUTTING SPEED is known as a velocity product, which is commonly listed in conditions of feet/min, meters/second, or meters/min. installment payments on your FEED is the amount of materials taken off for each revolution or every pass from the tool more than workpiece. Give food to is tested in un its of length/revolution, length/time, or other folks appropriate models for the actual process. several. THE DEPTH OF LOWER represents the third parameter to get metal cutting. For turning DOC may be the depth which the tool can be plunged in to the surface. The DOC can be half of difference in diameters the initial and final diameters.


OBJECTIVE: To show and practically hand about in trimming external strings. APPARATUS: Lathe machine, HSS and Carbide toolbit, live center, centre gauge, attach pitch gage and PPE.


Threading can be executed on the lathe machine. two basic requirements for carefully thread efficiency pertaining to thread reducing are an accurately shaped and mounted tool is needed since thread slicing is a form cutting operation. The second by requirements is that tool must movelongitudinally in a particular relationship for the rotation from the work part, because this establishes the business lead of the twine. This requirements is met by using the lead screw plus the split product, Whichj present positive action of the in accordance with the rotation of the...