Module 9 15 Reflection Diary

 Module 9 10 Expression Journal Article

п»їModule 9: Critical Vehicle Systems

1 . Which mechanical part or feature listed in Module 9 do you think is most crucial? I think that the most important characteristic to me is the seat belt.

2 . Why is that particular portion or characteristic so important?

The reason I think the reason is , in case of an accident, it will prevent me via flying through the window and could save my life.

3. How do you benefit from that part or feature?

I actually benefit from this kind of because it conserve my life and also other lives whenever an accident happens.

Module twelve: Sharing the Road with Other folks

Being the Driver:

Stops: Making use of the information learned in this training course, explain 3 things you will not likely do when ever driving. 1 ) Drink and drive

installment payments on your Text and dive

three or more. Use my personal phone while driving

Make clear why you will not do these things when driving a car.

1 . Let me not carry out these things pertaining to my security. If I carry out these things although driving I could get into a car accident and injury myself and others.

Starts: Using the information learned in this program, explain three things you will do the moment driving. 1 ) I will give attention to the road

installment payments on your I will take notice of the road indicators

3. Let me pay attention to the various other cars around me

Explain why you are going to do these specific things when driving. 1 . I will perform these things to ensure that I do not get into an accident and so that we stay safe traveling.

Riding being a Passenger:

Clarify one thing you are going to stop doing as a traveling.

1 . Something I will end doing like a passenger is usually distracting the driving force. If I distract the driver we're able to get a major accident.

Explain something you will begin doing as being a passenger.

1 . One thing that I will start doing as a voyager is to help the driver in the event that he/she needs to call or perhaps text someone so that they can pay attention to the road.

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