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What causes meaning decline amongst teenagers besides parents?

now i am taking part in a debate and i have to disagree that " parents' neglect is the cause of moral drop among teenagers"..... can anyone could you help me with dis.... your five years ago Survey Abuse

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If you hold the parent's totally responsable to get raising your children then yes you are right. But world in general has eroded a lot lately. And yes the media and pop lifestyle has glorified celebrities who also drink and drive, go to prison and openly perform cocaine. Which means you may want to factor that in as well. Although yes it is the parents task to explain this kind of to their youngsters, and some are not. So the youngsters are just performing what they find. 5 years ago Report Mistreatment

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Purple Moogle

It's basically other father and mother. It's every well and good bringing up your personal kids being morally effective members of society, but since other parents don't do the same and the kids turn out to be immoral sociopaths then it's not going to help the kids lives in the event they end up mixing with them at school, etc .

The only way you may avoid the meaningful decline is always to live in the that is known for its bigger standards unfortunately. 5 in years past Report Misuse

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I would admit the press causes a lot of moral drop. Sex and violence are so history on TV where 30 years back they weren't. 5 yrs ago Report Mistreatment

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their own activities... and other young adults...

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a big component to our morality has to do with the world around all of us. the whole, " nature as opposed to nurture" has effect below. Whether or not the foster of our father and mother can outdo our surroundings and vice versa. a BIG...

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