Spiritual Motif's in All the King's Males

 Essay about Religious Motif’s in All the King’s Men

Religious beliefs: A Correcting Route

Robert Penn Warren, in his novel All The King's Men, looks at the modern man's quest to live a simple existence—a life, void of sin, in which man undertakings to discover real truth. Jack Burden, the novel's protagonist and narrator, is thrust upon the personal scene once his taking care of editor advices him to visit up to Builder City to " discover who the hell that guy Stark can be who thinks he is Jesus Christ” (51). The evaluation between Willie Stark, the governor of Louisiana, and Jesus Christ comes forth as an essential association because, even though Plug knows of Willie's problem and trouble, he reveres Willie as a father figure; Jack's search for the fact, the identity of his father, is among the main entree in the story. While Robert Penn Warren's All The King's Men certainly a political commentary, religion takes on an interesting part in the new: Warren utilizes biblical and religious references to emphasize the convictions of certain character types and to explore the value of truth.

Robert Penn Warren utilizes religion to expose the difficulties of Willie's personality and character. Once Sadie Burkie, Willie Stark's secretary and clandestine enthusiast, accidentally shows to Willie that having been framed simply by Harrison to split the votes inside the gubernatorial race, she compares him for the " tiny white lamb of our god, ” the " sacrificial goat, ” and the " ram in the bushes” (81). In all of these biblical sources, some type of sacrifice is stated; Willie, hence, is being utilized by more experienced politicians to boost themselves into workplace. Willie, however , conquers his naivety, discovers from his mistakes, and slowly becomes a masterful presidential candidate. Remarkably manipulative and adept as texas chief, Willie Kampfstark is unquestionably a political determine capable of virtually anything. When ever Jack Burden argues that perhaps no dirt is found on Evaluate Irwin, Willie retorts that, " Guy is conceptualized in sin and delivered in problem... There is always something” (49)....

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