Similarities Among Islam and Christianity

 Similarities Among Islam and Christianity Analysis Paper

GENERAL PURPOSE: To share with.


PARTICULAR PURPOSE: To tell my viewers about the similarities involving the religion of Islam and Christianity.


1 . (ATTENTION GETTER) Most of us do not know that the theories of Islam and Christianity are related to each other. This is because our world do not wide open their minds to be aware of about other religions and cultures. Now, there are lots of disputes happened among these two beliefs because there is simply no understanding among us, the Muslims and the Christians. In the event you remember regarding the `Allah` issue which usually happened two years ago. The actual fact is the Christians also praise the same The almighty as we, the Muslims worshipped.

2 . (RELEVANCY STATEMENT) Judaism, Christianity and Islam will be the Semitic made use of, which means the religion which may have their own Holy Scriptures which will sent by simply God Immutable to His lovely Messengers, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad S. A. W. (Peace Be After them all). For example , the Torah pertaining to the Jews, the Gospel for the Christians plus the Qur`an intended for the Muslims.

3. (CREDIBILITY STATEMENT) I use studied the Holy Qur`an and the Holy Bible for over two years. I`m doing comparison religion examine as my own interest. Sometimes, I had an analysis and a dialogue with my Christian friends so they can share of their religion. Specialists them some things that I are not aware of about Christianity and at the same time I actually also share things that they can do not know about Islam with all the knowledge that I've. From the debate that we built, praise always be to The almighty, slowly the unity and prosperity take place between us.

4. (REVEAL TOPIC) Today, I would like to tell you about the commonalities between the two of these Abrahamic religion.

five. (PREVIEW) The similarities among Islam and Christianity may be revealed from these aspects.

* Romantic relationship with God Almighty

2. The roots of Islam and Christianity through the rejeton of...

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