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 Town of Eden Bay Essay

INFO1409 Systems Evaluation & Design and style

Tutorial four. 1: SWOT analysis

Proper planning is a process of discovering long-term organisational goals.

Question: Why does a systems expert need to know regarding strategic preparing? Answer: Devices analysts should certainly focus on the bigger, strategic role of IT as they carry out their day-to-day obligations. Sometimes alterations are organized for the Organisation, and decisions have to be made as to what the likely outcomes will probably be. One excellent planning device is the SWOT analysis.

Tutorial Objectives:

The purpose of this training is to bring in students to:

• SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Chances & Threats).

By the end with this tutorial you are going to:


• (Hopefully) be more aware about how a SWOT analysis leads to the strategic planning process. • Used a Case Study to perform a SWOT analysis

Example [pic]

Task 1 – The location of Eden Bay

We all will now function with the following Circumstance to produce a SWOT analysis.

You can do this in organizations and then review the outcomes to groups.

The city of Eden Bay possesses and maintains a fleet of vehicles. You are a systems expert reporting to Dawn, the town's IT manager. Read the fastened ‘Town of Eden Bay' scenario a part of Extract two then response the following inquiries:

a) Based upon the fact statements provided inside the scenario, summarise the maintenance department's most important strengths, weaknesses, possibilities and dangers.


Town of Eden Bay


Eden Bay is a medium-sized municipality. The town has exploded rapidly, so has the with regard to town companies. Eden Bay currently has 90 vehicles, which the town's equipment section maintains. The fleet includes police automobiles, sanitation pickup trucks, fire trucks and other vehicles assigned to town staff. The maintenance spending budget has gone up sharply in recent times, and people are asking whether or not the town should certainly continue to perform its own routine service or outsource it to private businesses.

This morning, Daybreak called you into her office to discuss the situation. An index of her responses follows:

Dawn While i came here 2 years back, I was informed that Eden Bay a new (IT manager)computerised information system for vehicle maintenance. What I found was obviously a spreadsheet software designed by a part-time worker as a quick answer to a more complex issue. It's probably better than zero system in any way, but My spouse and i can't rationalize spending any time on it. The program should never have already been designed as a spreadsheet to begin with.

We've discussed the specific situation with the products department people. Rather than tinker with the current system, I do believe we should press for a fresh information system project, and I've designed an initial pitch. I've code-named the new program RAVE, which will stands for Restoration Analysis for Vehicular Tools. I know that commercial fast maintenance packages exist, but are very expensive.

I did a lot of fact-finding, and I want one to start by looking at the following interview summaries coming from: Marie (town manager), Martin(equipment department manager) Phil (maintenance supervisor), Alice (maintenance clerk) and Joe (mechanic).

MarieMaintenance costs have gone up 14 to 16% annually. I'm unsure that (Town manager)we include any genuine control over these kinds of costs. A few members with the town council think we should get out of the upkeep business and contract it to a private firm. Which may mean putting off current employees, and I'm uncertain whether outsourcing techniques is the proper way to go.

Both the products department manager and the IT manager tell me that our current record-keeping system is outdated, and I wonder if a new information system would give all of us a better deal with on the trouble. My own look at is that if perhaps there's a way we can Mariebecome...

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